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If you're passionate about turning a groundbreaking idea into reality, the "Startups" pathway is designed for you. Startups are all about ideation, innovation, and proving the viability of novel concepts in the market. This option is tailored for entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of developing their business, focusing on validating, iterating, and finding a scalable business model. Ideal for those who are ready to face the challenges of growth, seek investment, and are committed to making their vision succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

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The "Business" pathway is crafted for established companies with proven business models looking to scale their operations. If your venture has already validated its market fit, and you're focused on expansion, operational efficiency, and enhancing profitability, this is the right choice for you. This option supports entrepreneurs who are beyond the ideation phase and are seeking to strengthen their market position, optimize their operations, and explore new opportunities for growth within a stable and tested framework.

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